We support and promote innovative educational experiences that give young people the skills they really need to navigate the twenty-first century economy, challenges, and demands they'll face as young adults.

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We don't just believe in these; we live by these.

October 15, 2016


We believe in the power of words - in fact, our words are the tool we'll use to bring about cultural change in our city. But we also believe that words are only as powerful as the actions they evoke. That's why we not only infuse these words into our everyday language, but we - all of us who are part of Together Tulsa - also do everything we can to make sure we're living them out. 


These values are our guiding light.

C O M M U N I T Y 


We provide a safe and productive space for students to come to each day, build relationships and feel the value of their contribution to our work. Our program is built to support students in every facet of their lives, including supporting their families. We want our students to feel like their fellow staff members, advisors, other employees and board members are their second family. We live with respect, love and kindness.




Kids in Tulsa’s underserved communities are amazing, but they are often left out of positive publicity. We’re changing that. We want the people of Tulsa to take pride in the achievements and resilience of all our city’s kids. Furthermore, we want our kids to gain a sense of pride in where they come from and the people around them because we know that having pride in where one comes from is the first step in being proud of and ascribing value to one’s self.





Our annual publication is designed to tell the stories of real kids’ struggles and victories. We seek to foster understanding and promote the kind of empathy that breaks down the barriers that have plagued Tulsa. We want students to have empathy for one another, recognizing their similarities and shared stories, and we want the wider Tulsa community to develop a sense of empathy for the kids in their city from whom they’ve been distanced.




We recognize that equity and equal opportunities cannot be a reality unless we are committed to diversity. Together Tulsa is built from the premise that diverse stories are treasures and lessons that a city cannot afford to ignore. We value the perspectives that individuals who share the racial and/or economic backgrounds of the students we serve can bring to the work we do. And we seek to make diversity a value to all Tulsans.




No matter what region we are from, North, East, South and West are all part of the same great city. Together we make Tulsa. We seek for students, supporters and readers to see that we are all leaves of the same tree. We want to build a connection between people who would not otherwise cross paths. And we want to see a joining of hands between black and white, rich and poor, old and young to make strides toward the same mission of improving the lives of those who have been historically unheard and underserved.



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