Together Tulsa aims to break the cycle of poverty for youth likely to slip through the cracks by bridging the opportunity and skills gap between high school and career. We provide experiential fellowships that equip at-promise teens with specialized professional skills and help them develop a career pathway plan.

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Fewer than 1 in 10 students receives both college- and career-prep curriculum from their school. Over  12%  of youth are neither working nor in school.

The majority of young adults are not equipped with skills in digital literacy, critical thinking, and effective communication - skills you need in the employees you hire.

Partnership between business and education is critical. Together Tulsa bridges the divide by equipping at-promise youth with 21st century, career-specific skills

- and inviting businesses to contribute to their learning.


Working together to create

tomorrow's workforce


Volunteering is proven to boost morale among employees. Your employees can sign up to give back to the community by mentoring or coaching our youth in their professional development.


Your company can sponsor a fellow for $3,500 a year or sponsor an event that gives our youth a new, real-world experience in networking, college visitation and team-building.

In the last year of the SPIRE fellowship, we strive to place our experienced fellows in an internship with a local company. Host one of our fellows as your intern and change his life. Coming Soon: You can hire our fellows to complete marketing projects for your organization!



We're looking for a space to call home. Share your extra office space with us, and give our youth a place to make their own and experience learning in a real-world setting.


This May, we're publishing two magazines from our Union and Rogers High School fellowships. You can become a sponsor for $500 - $1,500 and secure a quarter-, half-, or full-page dedication in our publication.

It's the kind of gift that

really does keep giving.

we're creating tomorrow's leaders, entrepreneurs, employees,

and contributing members of our community