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With fewer opportunities available to them, we are failing to equip at-promise youth in our community with the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty.

Together Tulsa fills the opportunity void and bridges the skills gap between high school and career. 

Expanded Learning Opportunities

can restore hope in our youth.

the benefits

are proven

Expanded learning

opportunities are proven to:

  • predict prosocial behaviors in young adulthood

  • build leadership and strengthen ties to the community

  • reduce kids' likelihood of engaging in risky behaviors


  • help kids develop soft skills and learn specialized skills that contribute to their college and career readiness


We seek to give teenagers a platform where they can unleash their creative genius, learn new and practical skills, see the fruits of their labor, and recognize through the process that they can do anything.


Through our fellowships we offer personal & professional support:

  • a safe, professional, creative space

  • state-of-the-art technology

  • $1,000 stipend (for full-year fellows)

  • skills training

  • real-world projects

  • professional development

  • teambuilding activities

  • college visits

  • career pathway planning

  • guidance in writing & submitting applications to college/jobs

  • facilitation of placement in internships, etc.


For $3,500, you or your company can empower a young person to own her future by sponsoring a fellow for a full year.



  • Social media recognition

  • Name listed in publication under Advocates

  • Special thank-you from a fellow

  • Invitation to all events



  • Social media recognition

  • Name listed in publication under Partners

  • Special thank-you from a fellow

  • Invitation to all events

  • Name listed on website

  • Together Tulsa T-shirt and decal



  • All of the above, plus

  • Dedication in publication

  • Special thank you gift from Fellow

  • Free admission to all events

  • Recognition at all events as a Founding Ally



  • All Ally benefits, plus

  • Name and picture with Sponsored Fellow on website

  • Dedicated and signed publications



  • All Hero benefits, plus

  • Special thank you gift from Together Tulsa

  • Special recognition at Publication Event



  • All Superhero benefits, plus

  • Special recognition plaque

  • Dedication Dinner with Fellows, Together Tulsa staff and donor Family / personnel



  • All Champion benefits, plus

  • Permanent memorial dedication



All organizations inducted into a Donor Club will receive special marketing and promotional benefits.

5 years of professional experience by 18.

SPIRE is a 4- or 5-year fellowship that empowers youth with 21st century skills through media production.


Year 1: Youth learn the fundamentals of print media production, journalism, photography and design. Product: Magazine or book.


Year 2: Youth learn the fundamentals of digital media production through web design, coding, videography, real-time journalism, and marketing. Product: Website.


Year 3: Youth choose the journalism or marketing track and develop or seek projects to complete. Together Tulsa Advisors guide them in creating a Career Pathway Plan.


Year 3: Youth are placed in an internship with a local company; Together Tulsa Advisors help fellows with applications and next steps toward college or career.

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