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Innovation in Education

We support and create educational opportunities that develop youth as leaders and creators 

Advocate & Reimagine

We don't mince words. When things aren't working in education, we call it out. We put a mic to young voices so educational leaders can hear what students really want and need. We listen to teachers, school leaders, community members, and other stakeholders to think through and support innovative educational opportunities.

With an ear to the ground, we share educational best practices and innovations, and we advocate for change where it's needed.

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a creative agency run by teens

SPIRE is an experiential learning program guised as a creative agency, fully run by teenagers who are guided by an adult advisor. Our creatives are coached by real professionals while they work on a real-world project that they offer to the public.

Literacy Curriculum & Resources

With a band of educators on our Together Tulsa team, we have so many tried-and-true literacy resources. English Language Arts and Creative Writing teachers will find a host of lesson plans, texts, and more that we've tried and students have loved.

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Our long-term goal at Together Tulsa is to create a non-traditional school for teens who have been pushed out of the traditional system. Life School will use experiential and project-based learning to equip teens with the social-emotional, academic, and professional skills they need to truly succeed in the 21st century workforce.


Follow us to learn more about the school-in-the-works! 

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