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your opportunity to change lives

by sharing your passions,

talents and expertise 

  • journalists

  • graphic designers

  • writers

  • photographers

  • videographers

  • team leaders

  • illustrators

  • marketing professionals
  • business people
  • social media experts
  • web designers
  • bloggers
  • etc.


We're always looking for community members to share their knowledge, skills, talents, or just words of wisdom with our youth. You don't need any teaching experience - just a passion for what you do.


You'll work with small groups or one-on-one with individual students to coach them in the skills you're most excited about.


We invite people from ALL professions, but we especially need those in media fields.

who we need


We'll work with you to schedule a time for you to come by and work with our youth.

When you come in, you'll work with a small group of fellows in a casual setting. No big presentations. Just individualized coaching for our eager-to-learn kids.

3.  Schedule a session

1.  Apply

2.  Select a topic or skill

4.  Coach

We'll let you know what our fellows are ready to learn, so you can determine what you'd like to teach based on their skill level. It could be a trick on the camera or in Photoshop, how to interview someone, or how to shake a hand. It's up to you!

Tell us what your experience is and what you are prepared to coach our fellows in.

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