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Career-prep for the modern,

high-tech, high-skilled, highly competitive workforce.


of Oklahoma youth live in low-income households


average ACT score (out of 36) for students in 9 of 12 Tulsa Public School high schools.


of Tulsa Public Schools students did not graduate high school in 2016. 

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empower all teens to succeed in the 21st century

Traditional schooling fails, in many ways, to prepare young people for real life. For the benefit of our country, our communities, and the individuals growing up in them, we believe education needs a sweeping renovation. That's why, at Together Tulsa, we identify, support, build, and promote educational experiences for underserved youth that truly prepare them for the economy, challenges, and demands of twenty-first century adult life.

We advocate for youth experiences that foster leadership, entrepreneurship, literacy, and creativity because we believe everyone should be the steward of his or her own future and life.

Our vision

All youth have equitable opportunities to succeed in the modern economy.


That's why we serve:

Creative-minded, underserved youth with inequitable access to high-quality college and career-preparation opportunities.

Youth who have experienced risk factors as defined by the National Center for Children in Poverty.

Youth who have have left high school.

Youth who are disconnected, homeless, and/or are expecting or parenting.

Who we serve
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