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Career prep for the modern, high-tech, high-skilled, highly competitive workforce.

Education should prepare youth for the real world.

That's why we support and promote innovative educational experiences that give young people the skills they really need to navigate the twenty-first century economy, challenges, and demands they'll face as young adults.

Photo by Elisa Marie Photography

our mission

We aim to break the cycle of poverty by equipping underserved teens with the traits and skills they need to own their futures as creators and leaders.

our vision

All people have a path to a well-paying career, paved by their dreams, aptitudes and effort - not by their socioeconomic status.

You can change

a life.

Photo by SPIRE Fellow Leah B.

Meet Leah

She's living proof that we can change the lives of young people through experiential education.

Leah is an alumna from our first SPIRE cohort in June 2017. After a 4-week fellowship in photojournalism, she found her passion and started her own photography business.

emily dahlby


associate director

the carrera program

union high school, 2018

The Spire Fellowship through Together Tulsa brings together several key elements of effective and engaging education. The project-based curriculum not only teaches industry-specific skills, but also incorporates instruction and practice of soft skills that are essential for success beyond high school. For our students, the high level of student choice involved in the projects significantly increased student engagement. Beyond the academic impact, our students have greatly benefited socially, professionally, and emotionally from the opportunity to explore local issues and be a voice for change in their community.


Tulsa Carrera Program
4.0 School
Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation

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